Shanghai Magicraft – Tour Report Pull Note

By request of the business, I’ve pulled the report on Shanghai Magicraft’s factory from the tour reports. There wasn’t anything scandalous in it. The owner just said that he’d rather have a report on his new facilities after he expanded his business.

2 Responses to “Shanghai Magicraft – Tour Report Pull Note”

  • Luca Says:

    Would you have YOUR game printing here?

    • admin Says:

      Potentially. Depends on the game. Like I said, there wasn’t anything scandalous that I saw during the tour. If I had to guess, I’d say that the owner just didn’t want to be the smallest factory toured when the reports went up.

      But there are some advantages to going with a smaller business. MagiCraft offered to do lower minimum orders than any other factory I toured. By extension, a medium sized order for another factory, given to a smaller factory, will make you their star customer that month.

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